Vipin Patwa Music Director and Composer

Vipin Patwa born in Uttar Pradesh, was brought up in Delhi. He started working on his passion of music at the age of 14. He spent endless evenings practicing the ragas of music as his friends played cricket outside.

His passion and interest grew and in the year 2000 he was approved by All India Radio (AIR) as a lead singer and composer. He interned at AIR as he completed his Bachelor of Arts.Along with all this he finished his six year course “Sangeet Prabhakar” which is a prestigious music qualification.
He then tried his hand at ancient history at DDU University, but did not find it appealing. He then moved back to Delhi and took admission in Delhi University and did his Masters in music vocal (MMus), and then further more in 2008 completed his MPhil also in music vocals.His M’Phil was on Ghazal’s and their origins and growth, and to their present existence in today’s society.

Vipin Patwa

Struggle Does Not End When You Acquire Stardom

Current projects include Wah Taj! and Bhajan Zindabad, where he has made actor Om Puri sing. He also has a line-up of big banner movies for which he is currently designing his awesome music. He has also directed the music for Bollywood Diaries, an upcoming Indian drama film.

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